Proposed action plan

This is the plan of action agreed by the Penang Forum steering committee and then presented to the Penang Forum 5 participants on 4 August 2012.

The plan of action was read out at the forum by Penang Forum steering committee member Lim Kah Cheng.

(These are not resolutions adopted by the participants of Penang Forum 5, as erroneously reported in the media.)

  1. More dialogue needed with government agencies besides local authorities
  2. Review Penang Structure Plan (SP) and Draft Local Plan(LP) as they are already dated.
  3. Review the high density policy.
  4. Stop new hillsite developments and improve mechanism to monitor existing ones
  5. Hold more public consultations on major projects and review the procedure for objections
  6. Expand the composition of SPEAD and ensure the independence of consultants of impact assessments
  7. Resolve problems in maintenance of high rise buildings
  8. Call on state government to claim back control of reclaimed land, Penang port and ferry operations

Proposed Action Plan (.pdf file)

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