Tentative programme

Penang Forum 4: Development and Good Governance

18 December 2011, Caring Society Complex

8.45am – Registration

9.15am – Introductory remarks

Focus on planning issues affecting RAs and individuals

Chair: Ahmad Chik and Cecilia Ng

Pykett Avenue, Savoy Garden, Tenby College, Bayan Bay, Sungai Ara, Tanjung Bunga, George Town heritage area, Seberang Perai
10.30am – Coffee Break

11.00am – Panel discussion: Overview of development in pipeline

Chair: Loh-Lim Lin Lee
Buildings (with visuals) (Tan Seng Hai)
Transport (Swee Heong)
Environment (Anil Netto)

11.30am – Where is the problem?
Chair/Speaker: Dr Francis Loh/Lim Kah Cheng

  • Developers
  • Local councils
  • State government
  • Fed government
  • The people

11.50am – CM’s response (To be confirmed)

Noon – Q&A with panel (Chair: Francis/Kah Cheng)

12.30pm – Lunch

2.00pm – Panel: Analysis and solutions

Chair: Khim Pa
– What’s wrong and how to right the planning process (Laurence Loh)
– Land reclamation (Dr Leong Yueh Kwong)
– Fiscal policy and development (Dr Lim Mah Hui)

2.45pm – Q & A

3.00pm – Small group discussions
– Environment (Facilitator: Leong Yueh Kwong)
– Transport (Facilitator: Lim Thean Heng/Low Swee Heong)
– Planning process – Structure Plan/Local Plan (Facilitator: Laurence Loh)
– Fiscal policy and processes (Lim Mah Hui)
– Housing/parks and public amenities (Anil Netto)

4.00pm – Reporting
Chair: Agatha Foo

4.15pm – Tea break

4.30pm – Resolution and Memorandum

5.00pm – Press conference

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