Penang Forum 3

Penang Forum 3 was held at the Penang Chinese Girls School Alumni Hall along Jalan Bagan Jermal on 14 November 2010.

The gathering held an election to determine the civil society nominees to serve as MPPP and MPSP councillors for the year 2011.

A slate of candidates was presented to the 300-strong crowd that turned up and each candidate then addressed the crowd briefly. Voters then cast their ballots and the results were as follows:


  • Teo Lee Ken (170 votes)
  • Dr Lim Mah Hui (158 votes)
  • Chin Khuan Sui (128 votes)
  • Low Swee Heong (125 votes)
  • Dalbinder Singh Gill (89 votes)


  • Dr Tiun Ling Ta (203 votes)
  • Sivagurupatham A/L S. Vadivelu (149 votes)
  • Teng Kim Chew (132 votes)
  • Krishnan A/L Samiah (104 votes)
  • Ung Teow Hong (92 votes)

These names were then submitted to the state government for consideration as councillors.

In the end, the Penang state government selected Dr Lim Mah Hui for the MPPP and Dr Tiun Ling Ta for the MPSP.

Reason for Penang Forum 3

Penang Forum is committed to reviving local government elections as an essential element of democratic government.

In the meantime, holding elections for council nominees at Penang Forum 3 will serve two purposes. Firstly, it will bring accountability to the process of nomination of councillors. And secondly, it will promote interest on the future possibilities of holding local government elections in Penang. Far from exerting ‘pressure’ on the State Government as some quarters have suggested, Penang Forum sees this as a positive exploratory step towards a more democratic and participatory society for Penangites. Penang Forum continues to work closely with the State Government on these issues through consultative meetings and invitation to participate in Penang Forum activities including the oncoming Penang Forum 3.

Qualification of voters for Penang Forum 3

All residents of Penang age 18 and above are eligible to vote at Penang Forum 3 to elect civil society nominees to serve as councillors in MPPP and MPSP for 2011. Voters need not be Malaysian citizens to be eligible to vote. Such practice is based on the principle that all rate payers are entitled to fair representation at local governments.

To help us run the forum smoothly, voters are requested to register before the Forum through Contact Us below. The registration fee will be collected on the day of the Forum on 14th Nov, 2010.
Voters will have to vote in person. Penang Forum 3 does not accept postal votes or proxy votes.

Eligibility requirements to become civil society nominees to serve as MPPP and MPSP Councillors for 2011

Section 10 of the Local Government Act states that the councillors must have “wide experience in local government affairs or who have achieved distinction in any profession/commerce or industry or otherwise capable of representing the interest of their communities.”

In addition, Penang Forum 3 requires its nominees to subscribe to the basic principles set out in the Penang Forum Declaration. Please refer to the Declaration at the Penang Forum website.

Furthermore, to ensure that candidates are persons of good character and that they do not have conflicts of interests in representing civil society, candidates have to sign a declaration in the application form which is available Here.

Other basic conditions required are that candidates must be Malaysian citizens resident in Penang, be proficient in Bahasa Malaysia, and be ready to devote sufficient time to carry out the duties of municipal councillors should they be successful.

Members of the Penang Forum Steering Group have no illusions about the demands required of municipal councillors, as some of its members have served as councillors before. The ideal candidates would be able to both deliver services as well as to articulate concerns and protect the interests of Penangites.

Please note that the closing date for the submission of application forms is on Friday, 29 October 2010.

Public objections and criteria of selection of candidates

On 1 Nov 2010, the Penang Forum 3 Steering Committee will publish a list of candidates with their details on the Penang Forum website for public viewing and objection. The objection period will last for one working week from the 1st to the 5th of November. Objection should be sent to address at Contact Us below.

The Penang Forum Steering Committee will verify the basis of all objections raised. The limits and scopes of objections will be confined strictly to the conditions laid down in the section Qualification Required To Become Civil Society Nominees to Serve as MPPP and MPSP Councillors for 2011as outlined above.

Candidates whose applications are rejected will be notified by the Penang Forum Steering Committee. The decision of the Penang Forum Steering Committee will be final.

Penang Forum 3 would like to point out that any Penang resident , if he or she so wishes, can apply to become a city councillor through other channels such as political parties, chambers of commerce, industries and professional bodies or by directly applying to the Penang State Government which is vested with the authority to nominate city councillors under the present system.

Election process in Penang Forum 3

Open balloting will be carried out to rank the candidates by the number of votes each candidate receives. The names of the successful candidates will be forwarded to the state government for nomination as city councillors to represent the civil society in MPPP and MPSP for the year 2011. The final decision of appointment rests with the Penang state government.

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