The Arts

Please download the related documents and slideshows below.

arts memorandum
Creativity and The Arts may08 text
LL heritage for PEOPLE’S FORUM 08

Tan Sooi Beng

12 Comments on “The Arts

  1. I desperately wish to unsubscribe from Penagnforum
    The automatic subscribe arrangement is not working.Please please reply to this email.


  2. I am receiving emails daily from PenangForum which I wish to stop. The emails are probably being sent to Such emails are automatically forwarded to me at Is there only one PenangForum ? The emails I received are about the Penang environment, building etc. Do you have on your emailing address list? Many thanks Charles


    • Dear Charles, looked for that info@ email but just couldn’t find any such email on our list. Could it be another email forwarding it to your email.


  3. Thank you for your ongoing help. Totally I have 3 email addresses. Emails to this address are not forwarded – I merely get advised a message has arrived. Emails to are automatically forwarded to I am getting some 5 or 6 messages a day from and would really like to stop this traffic. Do you have a list of “Participants” ? Perhaps this can be tracked down by name. Many thanks Charles Dargie


    • Hi Charles

      I did a search on our mailing list database using the three email addresses above but could not find such addresses.

      Did you attend Penang Forum 5 on 4 August 2012? I looked for Charles Dargie on the participants’ list but could not find it either.

      It would also help us to check if you could copy and paste the header of one of the email you received from the our mailing list.

      Perhaps you could try sending a blank email from all your three email addresses to

      Normally that is all that takes to unsubscribe from this mailing list.

      Please let me know if it works.


  4. Thank you for continuing to assist. Yes I did attend a big meeting at which the CM spoke. I shall try again to unsubscribe. Best regards.


    • That must have been Penang Forum 5. Could you have been registered as a participant under any other name? Did you register on the day or were you preregistered. This will help us located the email that you provided.

      Okay let us know how it goes.


  5. I registered on the day at the desk. I may have given my name card which would have shown This is not an address I usually use. Many thanks again.


    • Yes I have located your name on the participants’ list. The email you used to register was

      However this email is no longer in the database of our mailing list. When I checked the membership activity report from the database, I found the following:

      Oct 24, 2012 4:34 pm Left group via email

      Thus that email is no longer on our list; so I am puzzled why you are still receiving emails from us after 24 October.

      Could you check again on your end, please.


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