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Concerns over the corporatisation of the Penang Botanical Gardens

Aliran notes with concern the passing of the Penang State Park (Botanic) Corporation Enactment 2017 by the Penang State Assembly in November 2017. Advertisements

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Stop short-sighted urban planning; improve flood resilience, says TBRA

The Tanjung Bunga Residents’ Association (TBRA) is once again calling for the state to halt all short-sighted and patchy urban planning that continues to cause more flooded homes, uprooted trees, and power cuts, making travel inconvenient.

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Government must act now in wake of 4 November Penang flood tragedy

The Consumers’ Association of Penang and Sahabat Alam Malaysia are very distressed by the tragedy that has taken place yesterday and early morning today in Penang.  

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