Penang Forum 7: #SaveJerejak

Come and attend this forum to discover the historical significance of Pulau Jerejak.

Save Jerejak forum April 2017


4 Comments on “Penang Forum 7: #SaveJerejak

  1. If it’s all those horrible things from the past, I would rather prefer SUSTAINABLE redevelopment in tune with real eco-tourism. People these days need more positive vibes and feel good factors rather than hauntings of death, torture and misery.


  2. Pulau Jerejak is in this sorry state of affair because Penang government has approved the massive development which has a detrimental impact on the Pulau Jerejak environment. To add salt to the injury, Penang government has sold her shares in the company to a private developer to spearhead the massive development.

    Do you think that it is advisable to hold the talk in Penang Institute which is an institution under the control of Penang government ?


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